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The following Boards and Committees report to the Board of Directors


Education committee

Dr Dan Exeter - Chair
Dr Stuart Armstrong, Chair CPD Committee
A/Prof Jane Fitzpatrick - Chair, Research Committee
Dr Scott Burne - Chair, Training Committee
Dr Corey Cunningham - Chair, Examination and Assessment Committee 
Dr Larissa Trease - Chair, Conference Committee 
Dr Diana Robinson - Chair, Curriculum Review WG
Ms Kate Simkovic - Chief Executive Officer, ACSEP
Dr Louise Tulloh - President, ACSEP
Dr Brandi Cole - Registrar Rep
Ms Diana Quin (secretariat) - Chief Operating Officer, ACSEP

Examination & Assessment committee

Dr Corey Cunningham - Censor in Chief
Dr Leesa Huguenin
Dr Andrew Garnham
Dr Paul Blackman
Dr Judith May
Dr Jeni Saunders
Dr Matt Hislop
Dr Dan Exeter
Ms Kylie Fitzgerald (National Office Rep)


Training committee

Chair of Training

Dr Scott Burne (NSW)

Zone training coordinators


Dr David Bolzonello

New South Wales

Dr Paul Annett
Dr Sharron Flahive


Dr George Pitsis

Australian Capital Territory

Dr Scott Burne

Western Australia

Dr Gary Couanis

South Australia

Dr Gary Couanis


Dr Scott Burne

New Zealand

Dr Chris Hanna
Dr John Molloy

Registrar representative

Dr Kira James

National Office Representative

Ms Kylie Fitzgerald


Practice accreditation working group

Dr Liz Clisby
Dr Steve Reid
Dr Deb Robinson
Ms Diana Quin


Specialist Training Program (STP) Working Group

Dr Adam Castricum
Dr David Bolzonello
Dr Diana Robinson
Ms Kate Simkovic


research committee

A/Prof Jane Fitzpatrick
Dr James McGarvey (Registrar Research Coordinator)
Prof Kieran Fallon
Dr John Orchard
Dr Carmel Goodman
Dr Greg Lovell 
Dr Justin Paoloni 
Dr Peter Fricker 
Dr Peter Brukner 
Dr Mark Young 
Dr Bruce Hamilton
Dr Dan Exeter
Dr Jeni Saunders
Dr Simon Locke


cpd committee

Dr Stuart Armstrong
Dr John Best
Dr Krishant Naidu
Dr Nat Anglem
Dr Craig Panther
Dr Matthew Hislop
Dr Katherine Rae
Dr Bassam Moses


Overseas Trained Specialist Committee

Dr Jeni Saunders
Dr Mark Jones
Dr Paul Bloomfield
Dr Ryan Kohler
Ms Emma Huynh


Registrar Representatives

College Registrar Rep

Dr Sam May (ACT)


Dr Laura Lallenec
Dr Kendall Brooks 

New South Wales

Dr Jin Lee


Dr Martin Smith


Dr Jonathan Charlesworth
Dr Casey Whife

South Australia

Dr Kevyn Hernandez

New Zealand

Dr Simon Kim