Once you are eligible (see below)  the next stage of the Application Process onto the ACSEP Training Program, is applying to sit the ACSEP Entrance Examination.

The Entrance Examination has been designed to test basic medical sciences.  It is NOT designed to see how much knowledge you know of Sport and Exercise Medicine (this is what we teach you on the Training Program).


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Please click here to submit your application. A member from National Office will be in touch shortly to organise payment. 


what does the entrance examination consist of?

The Entrance Examination is split into two core topics sections and one RPL topic sections:

  • Part A – Anatomy: This section consists of anatomy questions with an emphasis on functional and musculoskeletal anatomy. 
  • Part B – Physiology:  This section consists of questions covering general physiology, exercise physiology and pathology General Pathology (including immunology)
  • Part C – Exercise Physiology (RPL):  This section is for those who have completed other College's Entrance Exam equivalents.

There is a fee for sitting the Entrance Exam.

The Entrance Exam is held at a central examination centre usually in Australia and are conducted electronically.  Depending on the number of applicants, there may be other centres in other locations in Australia or New Zealand made available.

Applicants are required to pass all sections of their Entrance Exam sections.  If an Applicant fails one or more sections of the Exam, they are allowed to resit the failed section(s) at a later Exam sitting.  Applicants have a maximum of three attempts in total to pass all Exam sections.  Exam currency lasts for 5 years - if the Applicant has passed the Entrance Exam, but does not apply/be accepted into the Training Program within 5 years of passing the Exam, they must resit the Entrance Exam if they wish to pursue application to the Training Program.


If you are applying for RPL, please refer to Extra Entrance Examination Information.

Study tips

What to study? For more information about the exam topics please see pages 4-7 of Extra Entrance Examination Information.



what are the key exam datEs?

Application Close Dates 2021
Friday 19 February
Friday 2 July


The Entrance Exam is held twice a year on the 1st Saturday of March and the 3rd Saturday of July. 

Entrance Exam 2021
Saturday 6 March
Saturday 17 July
To apply to sit one of the Exams, you must complete the Application Form (click button below) during the relevant application period (ie, if you want to sit the July 2019 Exam, you need to apply during 1st April and 31st May 2019).  You must provide your personal contact details, evidence of your medical registration and medical degree.  If you are apply for RPL, you must also provide evidence of this.


Your application will be submitted to ACSEP National Office for review and consideration.  National Office will respond to you within 2 business days and if you're approved to sit the Exam, you will be provided with a link to pay the Entrance Exam fee.  Payment of the Exam fee is expected within 24hrs.


what's next?

Only Applicants who have passed all sections of their Entrance Examination will be invited to proceed to the next stage of Application and submit their CV for consideration.