The first step for a new graduate doctor in working towards applying to the ACSEP Training Program, is completing a minimum of three full time equivalent years of "Foundation Training".  Foundation Training occurs once the doctor has graduated from their undergraduate medical degree and then works within the medical industry for at least three years (also known as PGY1, PGY2 and PGY3).

Unlike other Colleges that run specific Foundation Training program, ACSEP allows the graduate to determine their own Foundation Training Pathway within the general medical and surgical fields.


what should foundation training consist of?

At least two of the three years must have been in full-time, supervised positions in recognised teaching hospitals.

During Foundation Training the applicant is recommended to spend time in the following posts:

  • General medical unit
  • Accident and Emergency Unit
  • An orthopaedic service dealing mainly in sports medicine related orthopaedics or trauma.

While some Applicants choose to undertake other study to further their own knowledge/experiences, such as a Masters or a PhD, the College does not mandate other course completions as part of the Application process.  Furthermore, the College does not place preference on any particular MBBS degree, as long as it comes from a recognised institution.


What else should happen during these 3 (or more) years?

It is highly recommended that intending applicants demonstrate a commitment to a career in sport and exercise medicine - what you do during these years goes into your CV and influences your success rate in getting into the ACSEP Training Program.

The College wants to see your passion within this field and involvement within a range of SEM activities.  This could be in the form of team or event medical coverage, attendance at the ACSEP Conference, completion of sports medicine courses (such as ACSEP's Education or Academic eLearning Modules), research involvement, sitting in with ACSEP Fellows, attending one of the weekly Registrar Tutorials, etc.

Applicants may also wish to consider becoming a Student Member or Associate Member of the College.


what's next?

The next step in the Application Process is to apply to sit the Entrance Examination

Graduates are allowed to sit the Entrance Exam anytime during their Foundation Training years, but can only submit their CV in their 3rd (or later) Foundation Training year.