training program requirements & deliverables

Registrars must successfully complete the following requirements throughout their Training Program to be eligible for admission to Fellowship:

  • A minimum of 4 years full-time (or Part time equivalent) clinical experience in an accredited Training Practice.
    • A minimum of 36hrs per week must be spent in clinical practice
    • A minimum of 44 weeks in a year must be spent in clinical practice
  • Attend College Conferences and make research presentations;
  • Attend weekly tutorials
  • Complete Workplace Based Assessments - including Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini CEX), Case-based Discussion (CbD) and Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) assessments
  • Provide medical coverage for a range of Sporting Teams and at Sporting Events
  • Complete a Research Project, have it published in a journal and present it at a scientific conference.
  • Complete the ACSEP Academic Modules.  TIP:  A Candidate can apply and complete these modules prior to commencing as a Registrar
  • Maintain competency in the Management of Sports Trauma Course
  • Participate in 6 Monthly Progress Reviews
  • Pass the final Fellowship Examination. 

All training program requirements are logged in the Registrars Learning Portfolio and stored within the College's LMS.



The Sport and Exercise Medicine curriculum defines the overall scope of speciality for Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) Physicians working in Australia and New Zealand. The curriculum details both the knowledge and skills Registrars need to acquire during the Training Program, plus the attitudes essential to becoming a competent SEM Physician.

The curriculum has four sections:

  • Sport and Exercise Medicine Foundations;
  • Clinical Decision Making;
  • Fundamental Competencies; and
  • Care of Athletes and Teams.

For more information view the ACSEP Curriculum.