INTERVIEW & selection




The interview

The interview has an attendance fee, which must be paid prior to attending the interview.

2020 Date:  Saturday 12th September 2020 
Location:  Zoom video conferencing (online) 

All 2020 specific information has been sent directly to applicants emails. 

ACSEP uses the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format. Candidates move through a number of stations of between 6-10 minutes in length where an interviewer will ask a series of questions. The domains of practice that are evaluated during the interview include:

  • Communication;
  • Collaboration;
  • Management, including Quality, Safety and Health Advocacy;
  • Research, Teaching and Learning; and
  • Professionalism, including cultural awareness.

At the completion of the interviews, the Applicant's scores are analysed, reviewed and then ranked.  


the selection & PLACEMENT process

Once the interviews have finished, the interview scores are combined with the CV scores to calculate an overall ranking.

After the interviews applicants will be asked to complete and return a "Preferred Training Practice" form.  This form lists the Training Practices that are on offer for that year's intake.  Applicants are to order the Training Practice in preference of being allocated at that Practice if they were successful after the interview.  Applicants should order their preference based on a number of factors, such as compatibility with the Practice, the Practice's values and what the Practice can offer - preference should not be based on how close the Practice is to where the Applicant lives.Applicants who rank high enough will be considered for matching with an available Training Practice. For example, if 30 Applicants are interviewed, but there are only 10 available Training Placements, the top 10 ranked Applicants will be first considered within the Selection Process.

The matching of the highest ranked Applicants with available Training Practice involves comparing the Applicants Placement preferences (as advised in the "Preferred Training Placement" form) and working with the matched Training Practice Supervisors to determine a suitable pairing.  This process can take 2-3 weeks before final Applicant Training Placement matches are confirmed.

Notification of a successful placement within a Training Practice, and therefore on the ACSEP Training Program, is usually advised 2-4 weeks after interviews.  Applicants have 1 week to accept or decline the offer.  If a first round offer is not accepted, the Interview and Selection Panel may choose to offer the placement to another Applicant.

Applicants who decline an offer or are not offered a position on the Training Program will be notified by the College within 2-4 weeks of the interviews.  They are welcome to reapply to the Training Program in future years by submitting an updated CV and potentially participating in the Interview process again.



How many applicants are accepted onto the training program each year?

Because ACSEP's Training Placements are held within privately owned SEM clinical practices, the yearly intake is determined by how many of these Practices put up their hand to take a first year Registrar.  This number fluctuates each year and the available Practices will often be very different form year to year. 

As a guide, in 2018 there were 14 Applicants accepted onto the Training Program, while 2019 saw 12 Applicants accepted onto the Training Program.

The available Training Practices tend to be located all over Australia and New Zealand.  While an available Training Practice may be located near the Applicant's home address, it does not mean the Applicant will be offered the closest Practice to them.  Often successful Applicants are required to relocate if they choose to accept the offer - whether this is interstate or even between Aus and NZ.

Training Practices either offering full time or a part time loading.  While an Applicant may wish to commence the Training Program full time or part time, this may not match what the Practice is offering.  There may be some room for negotiation about this with their Practice Supervisor, however the Applicant should consider this as part of their offer.

Accepted Applicants are usually expected to stay within their offered Training Practice for 2 years.



What's next?

Those who have been successfully placed onto the Training Program will be sent induction and on-boarding information, forms and documents from National Office.  New Registrars seek out their Training Practice, get to know their Supervisors and start to think about their Training Plan for their first year. 

The Training Program year starts on the 1st of February, with Training commencing on the first Monday in February.  New Registrars are required to attend the next ACSEP Conference for an induction workshop, to attend the full conference and to make a short presentation about a research topic.

New Registrars are also required to pay the one-off Registrar On-boarding fee (Student Amenities Fee) (button below).  The first year of Registrar Membership is due around June.

Applicants who are unsuccessful after the Interview stage may reapply to the Training Program during subsequent years.  Applicants are required to submit an updated CV to include all the new items they have completed during those subsequent year(s).  If the Applicant's CV is ranked high enough, the Applicant will be invited to attend another interview (interview fee must be paid in full).