the ACSEP Training Program


The Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians is a specialist medical college that provides training to doctors in Australia and New Zealand through the ACSEP Postgraduate Sport & Exercise Medicine Specialist Training Program.  Our Training Program's core medical speciality is Sport and Exercise Medicine.  At the completion of the Specialist Training Program and Fellowship Examinations, you will be a Specialist Sport and Exercise Physician.

Did you know?  Doctors that have graduated from our college are known as "Fellows" of ACSEP and can use the initials "FACSEP" at the end of their name and be called "Sport and Exercise Physician" (SEP).  Doctors that have not graduated from our College, but have an interest in sport and exercise medicine, can only refer to themselves "Sport Doctors".


what is sport and exercise medicine?

Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) is a discipline that concentrates on and promotes:

  • Health through increased use of exercise and physical activity
  • Provides advice on the safe use of physical exercise in both prevention and treatment of illness
  • Provides a holistic approach to addressing medical conditions and injuries in individuals who wish to exercise

You can read more about what Who we are, Sport and Exercise Medicine and SEM Scope of Practice (NSW Health)

Did you know?  We have a range of College membership opportunities available - this includes membership for medical students and associate membership.  As a member you get access to College newsletters, invites to College events and access to over 50 FREE online SEM eLearning modules.


ACSEP Training Program

The ACSEP Postgraduate Sport & Exercise Medicine Specialist Training Program consists of four years full time training (minimum). 

The majority of our training occurs in privately owned SEM clinics or practices across Australia and New Zealand, which are managed by our own ACSEP Fellows - these Fellows become our Trainee's core teachers and supervisors during their training.  We also emphasis on-field training within Sporting Teams and at Sporting Events.  Trainees can also expand their own learning by working within hospitals assisting within surgery or working in emergency departments.  Trainees are encouraged to foster partnerships and work alongside other health professionals, such as paramedics, radiologists, physiotherapists, podiatrists and general practitioners.

The ACSEP Curriculum covers a wide range of SEM topics.  Trainees must complete a a number of Training Program deliverables and assessments throughout their Training Pathway.  At the completion of the Training Program, trainees must complete Fellowship Examinations. 

We encourage work/life balance and allow trainees to complete the Training Program with part-time loading (min 50%) or they can take some time of leave off the Training Program.

Find out more about what is included in the Training Program here.

If you are an Overseas Trained Specialist (outside of Australia and New Zealand), please refer to our OTS page.



To be eligible to apply for the ACSEP Specialist Training Program you must:

  • Be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia or New Zealand and;
  • Hold a current and valid unconditional medical registration from the applicable Medical Board or Council in Australia or New Zealand and;
  • Have completed a minimum three years of Foundation Training.


The Entrance Application process into the ACSEP Training Program is:

If you are an Overseas Trained Specialist (outside of Australia and New Zealand), please refer to our OTS page.