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Since its humble beginnings in 1985, from a small group of 19 passionate like-minded individuals, as the Australian College of Sports Physicians, the College has always been progressive in its thinking. In 1991, the College awarded its first Fellowships. In 1992, the College began training its own Registrars in private practice, a pioneering training model which continues to this day. In 1993, our New Zealand colleagues joined the College, with the name changing to Australasian College of Sport Physicians in 2005.

Importantly, the College gained speciality recognition in New Zealand in 1998 and then finally in Australia in 2009. The College now numbers 156 Fellows practicing in all corners of the globe and a record 60 trainees undergoing a robust training program in all regions of Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

A special resolution was passed at the Annual General Meeting on 14 February 2016 to change the name of the College to the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP). The members of the College felt that a name change was needed to accurately reflect who we were and what our scope of practice is. Sport and Exercise Physicians work closely with general practitioners, physicians, radiologists, psychiatrists and surgeons, particularly orthopaedic surgeons, as well as our allied health professionals to lead and coordinate rehabilitation and exercise programs to treat, as well as prevent, chronic diseases.