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The ACSEP is extremely proud of the significant service our membership provide to improve Sport and Exercise Medicine in Australia, New Zealand and abroad. Our College Awards recognise such exemplary contributions. 

Full criteria and eligibility for all College Awards can be found here

The 2019 College Award Nomination forms are available now. Nominations for the 2019 Awards will close 10:00am AEDT, 7 January 2019.

College Awards Nomination Form

Research Awards Nomination Form


In 2016, the College named this Award in honour of the late Dr. Ken Crichton, founding Fellow and former President of the College, who passed in 2015. Ken was an inspiration to all he came into contact with, whether it be as a patient, a teacher, an examiner, a colleague, a mentor and a friend. Ken contributed in so many ways to College life and to Sports Medicine in Australasia and internationally, whether it be Leading Olympic medical teams as he did in Sydney 2000, as editor of numerous Peer reviewed Sports Medicine Journals, as NRL Club Doctor, as Medical Director of the Australian Ballet; Ken displayed endearing humility and unrivalled compassion and empathy for his patients. He was a Fellow we all aspired to be. 

Past recipients:

  • 1994 - Stuart Watson
  • 1996 - Peter Brukner
  • 2006 - Ken Crichton
  • 2006 - Jeff Steinweg
  • 2006 - Mel Cusi
  • 2007 - Vince Higgins
  • 2009 - Peter Fricker
  • 2011 - David Humphries
  • 2013 - Chris Milne
  • 2015 - Diana Robinson
  • 2018 - Kieran Fallon


The College Medal is awarded for outstanding performance in the Part 2 Examinations. The candidate must be sitting the examination for the first time, and have achieved a pass in every section of the examination.

Past recipients:

  • 1991 - John Kellett
  • 1992 - Chris Bradshaw
  • 1993 - Chris Milne (NZ)
  • 1994 - Mark Jones
  • 1995 - Carolyn Broderick
  • 1996 - Paul Blackman & Greg Hickey
  • 1997 - No Eligible Candidates
  • 1998 - Sharron Flahive
  • 1999 - Paul Annett & Louise Tulloh
  • 2000 - Angus Bathgate & Bruce Mitchell
  • 2001 - Scott Burne & Katherine Rae
  • 2002 - No Eligible Candidates
  • 2003 - Leesa Huguenin
  • 2004 - Richard Brown
  • 2005 - Matthew Hislop
  • 2006 - Tony Page (NZ)
  • 2007 - Michael Makdissi & James McGarvey
  • 2008 - Stuart Down
  • 2009 - No Eligible Candidates
  • 2010 - Larissa Trease
  • 2011 - No Eligible Candidates
  • 2012 - No Eligible Candidates
  • 2013 - Dan Exeter (NZ)
  • 2014 - James Lawrence
  • 2017 - Mark Muller (NZ)
  • 2018 - Etienne du Preez



This award will be made annually at the discretion of the ACSEP Board to a Registrar (including Senior Registrar) who demonstrates to their peers, supervisors, College Fellows and/or the ACSEP Board exceptional personal, humanitarian or clinical qualities beyond the formal requirements of the College Registrar training program. This award is not designed to simply reward academic achievements (that are already recognised by the College Medal) but rather is designed to reflect broader service to the College as well as outstanding personal qualities in the recipient. The award has been named in honour of the late Fred Better who, throughout his life, exemplified achievements in these areas. 

Past recipients:

  • 2004 - Corey Cunningham
  • 2005 - Matthew Hislop
  • 2007 - Michael Makdissi



The annual Award for the most outstanding ACSEP Training Supervisor. Nominations are submitted and seconded by ACSEP Registrars, with the recipient decided by the ACSEP Training Committee in conjunction with the ACSEP Board. This Award recognises Training Supervisors based on a number of criteria that works to improve Registrars as they move through the Training Program.

Past recipients:

  • 2017 - Graham Paterson
  • 2018 - John Best



Awarded to the most outstanding Registrar presentation at the Annual ACSEP Registrar Conference, based on innovative subject matter, excellent delivery of presentation and addition to the SEM knowledge base.

Past recipients:

  • 2017 - Samantha May (1st year) & Tom Hill (2nd year)
  • 2018 - Greg McLeod (1st year) & Greg Clugston (2nd year)



From 2018, a Fellow Research Award and Registrar Research Award will be presented at the Annual Scientific Conference to acknowledge exceptional research from Fellows and Registrars.  

Past recipients:

  • 2018 - Etienne du Preez (Registrar Research)