Conference program

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workshops sign up sheet

Saturday 11 November | Session 12 | 3.30pm - 5.00pm 

Each of the workshops below run for 30 minutes and participants have the opportunity to attend 3 out of the 4 workshops. 

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  • Prof Jon Drezner | ECG
  • Dr John Molloy and Dr Kelly Sheerin | Running Analysis
  • Dr John Orchard | CPR/AED
  • Dr Stephen Kara and Ms Katherine Forch | Concussion

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complimentary educational resources

The following resources are available to those interested in specific conference topics:

Committee Meetings 

In addition to the formal program the following meetings and activities will be held for specific members and delegates:   

Meeting Start   Finish  Date Venue
IHAC Meeting 17:00 18:30 Tuesday 7 November Thorndon Room
Governance Training 09:00 12:00 Wednesday 8 November Wellington Room
Training Committee Meeting 12:15 13:15 Wednesday 8 November Lambton Room 3
ACSEP Board Meeting 12:30 18:30 Wednesday 8 November Regus Meeting Room, Level 15
OTS Meeting 16:00 17:00 Wednesday 8 November Thorndon Room
Committee Chairs and Board Dinner 19:00 22:30 Wednesday 8 November Wellington Room
Interview and Selection Committee Meeting 12:00 13:00 Thursday 9 November Thorndon Room
CPD Committee Meeting 07:00 08:00 Friday 10 November  Thorndon Room
Examination and Assessment Committee Meeting 12:30 13:30 Friday 10 November Thorndon Room
Research Committee Meeting 12:30 13:30 Saturday 11 November Thorndon Room