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The mental and physical health of doctors, medical students, nurses and allied health professionals is an ongoing concern within the medical profession and community.

Following the National Mental Health Survey of Doctors and Medical Students conducted by beyondblue​​​​​​doctors and medical students were identified as a group at high risk of poor mental health. Research highlights consistently high rates of suicide, depression, anxiety disorders, substance use and self-prescribing in the profession. The report notes that if doctors are not effectively dealing with mental health issues that they are experiencing, this may impact their ability to deliver the best possible medical care to patients. 

To actively promote mental wellness the #DoctorDash is designed for doctors, medical students, nurses, practice managers and associated allied health professionals; along with their family and friends. It’s time to help the people that help us. The campaign also aims to:

  • Promote the benefits of sport and exercise in the prevention and treatment of mental illness – along with other common and often serious medical conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and many cancers.
  • Increase awareness of the issues affecting the mental health of doctors, medical students, nurses and allied health professionals and work to destigmatise mental illness.
  • Reduce barriers to, and encourage, help-seeking behaviour within the medical community.

To support the good mental health of those in the medical profession The #DoctorDash is working to raise awareness for two great organisations.

Drs4Drs co-ordinates the delivery of health advisory and referral services for doctors and medical students across Australia. Help and support is available for doctors health services in every state and territory.

CrazySocks4Docs is all about normalising the conversation and creating a safe place to do it - raising awareness of the mental health of all doctors and health practitioners around the world! The movement encourages everyone to wear crazy coloured socks on the first Friday in June each year to help start a conversation. The Doctor Dash will help to support this campaign by encourages all runners and walkers to also wear crazy socks.