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  • Application for Associate Membership

    If you are working as a Sports Doctor or are contemplating a career in Sport and Exercise Medicine via the ACSEP Training Program, you may wish to consider becoming an Associate Member of the ACSEP.
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  • Application for Entrance Examination

    If you would like to apply to sit the ACSEP Entrance Examination, which is the first step in applying to join the ACSEP Training Program, please refer to the following section on the ACSEP website.
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  • Application for Student Membership

    If you are currently at University studying your Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and would like to join the ACSEP, you may apply for Student Membership by completing this form.
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  • Application to become an Overseas Trained Specialist

    If you are an international medical graduate and wish to apply for assessment in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine in Australia, click here to apply.
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  • Application for Retired Fellow Membership

    If you have ceased practising all forms of clinical medicine, medico-legal work and clinical support activities and are considered non practicing by AHPRA or the MCNZ, you can apply here to become a Retired Fellow.
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  • Application for ACSEP Training Practice Registration

    This form is designed to assist the ACSEP Training Committee in considering your practice’s application to become a registered ACSEP training practice. The form also serves to raise relevant issues for your consideration prior to making the...
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