The Mental Health of medical practitioners and allied health professionals is becoming more widely discussed; unfortunately tragic suicides are becoming more and more frequent in the medical profession. With this in mind, the ACSEP has recently launched a Mental Health Plan for all our members. This is reflected in our Better Members area, which is accessible only to ACSEP members. Included within Better Members is access to free counselling sessions for members, through our EAP, contact details for the ACSEP Peer Support Group, links to important external support services, access to remote and Rural Services, Self Care techniques and resources, as well as our member benefits.

Better Members is designed to support our Registrars and Fellows in both their professional and personal lives. The mental health of our colleagues is equally as paramount as that of our patients. Through Better Members ACSEP provides our members the avenue of someone to chat to about things that might be getting to them in regards to their careers, work, personal life or simply just someone to chat to when things get a bit tough.

ACSEP will continue to work hard in this area, to ensure our members are well supported throughout our training program, and their careers. In addition to this, ACSEP also host The Doctor Dash, an annual fun run raising money and awareness for Doctors' Mental Health Programs.

Once logged in, members can access ACSEP Better Members here

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