In order to take care of our patients we must first take care of ourselves

We must practise what we preach to our patients and ensure that we first and foremost look after ourselves. Staying active with regular exercise, balanced with family and exploring and using mindfulness techniques.

Several great resources to explore meditation, mindfulness and self care include:

Smiling Mind

The College strongly encourage all members to see their GP annually. As a representation of this encouragement, all Fellows will be able to claim a maximum one CPD point per year for visiting their GP. It is important to not only have a GP but to visit them annually as healthy doctors are happier and more effective doctors. 


Mindfulness has been well documented as being effective in managing stress and burnout amongst medical practitioners. It has also been shown to enhance resilience and to improve capacity to be flexible and adaptable in the face of challenges. Mindfulness in Medicine offers opportunities for medical practitioners to apply mindfulness in the care of themselves and their patients.



During the 2018 Conference we will run a Mental Health First Aid Session to work through a number of scenarios and situations that may arise. This session includes:

  • Mental Health First Aid for Health Professionals (specific to medical professionals and the work that our members do)
  • Mental Health Literacy
  • Recognising Mental Health Issues (in patients, colleagues and in ourselves)
  • Referral Pathways
  • Dealing with Negative feedback (in the workplace, patient satisfaction surveys etc)
  • Dealing with external auditing and the pressure around this (From AHPRA and/or the College)
  • Dealing with Burn Out
  • Good Illness Behaviours (being able to ask for help)
  • Work:Life Balance
  • Mindfulness (Family, Exercise, Sleep)