There are many exciting opportunities when considering a career in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM). 

SEM involves the care of people who exercise at all levels and of all ages.  It encompasses a broad range of skills from:

  • Management of acute or chronic exercise related injuries;
  • The management of medical problems associated with sport and exercise;
  • Doping related issues;
  • Exercise prescription for both healthy people and those suffering from chronic illness;
  • Team care, at both an elite and community level and which may involve on-field management;
  • Touring with team(s) and administrative work.

These skills are gained from duties commonly performed by Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians (SEM Physicians) who are Fellows of the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP).


Many SEM Physicians consult in private rooms seeing patients from all walks of life and all ages, with a variety of problems or issues


SEM Physicians are required to be skilled in both the on and off-field care of athletes. This is one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of a SEM Physician’s role, and may involve care of teams at the National or International level through to community based children’s teams, Golden Oldie’s or Disabled Athletes.


linked with being a team doctor, the SEM physician must carry out pre-trip screening and preparation to accompany, often large, teams of athletes to countries all over the world. This involves ensuring that adequate equipment and facilities are available for appropriate care of medical conditions and injuries in the destination country.


Increasingly, academic opportunities for SEM Physicians are becoming available. Throughout Australia and New Zealand, Fellows of ACSEP enjoy appointments at a number of Universities in all capital cities.


SEM Physicians are involved in the development and management of medical coverage programs at all levels of sport from Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to weekend triathlon competitions. SEM Physicians may organise the event or work in multidisciplinary care facilities at the events treating a range of problems from injuries through to hypo-and hyperthermia.


Many Fellows of ACSEP have been, or are involved in, the administration of the medical programs for major sports through the National Sporting Organisations, the Australian and State Institutes of Sport and also, in the administration of the medical care of our athletes attending major sporting competitions such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Masters Games. There are also opportunities for involvement with various anti doping organisations both nationally and internationally such as ADSMAC, ADRVP and WADA.


SEM Physicians are involved in a wide range of research which may be based in academic institutions or in a clinic based environment.


SEM Physicians lecture to a broad audience from lay people to coaches, sports trainers, elite health professionals, and primary care and specialist medical practitioners.  They also participate in advisory committees to a variety of levels of government.


Fellows of ACSEP often write articles for specialist sporting magazines as well as educational magazines within the wider profession.  Fellows of ACSEP are often asked for expert opinions regarding injuries, doping issues or medical conditions affecting professional sportspeople in both print and televised media.