One of the critical factors in the development of the Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) as a distinct discipline has been the performance and publication of peer-reviewed academic research. The result of this work is an extensive and growing cross-disciplinary knowledge base that informs treating clinicians, public policy and research practice and, more importantly, contributes to enhanced patient outcomes. Since the inception of the College, the Board and Fellowship through the Training Committee have emphasised the need for all Registrars to complete and publish a research project as a core element of their postgraduate SEM training.

Registrars must satisfactorily complete all components of the Research Assessment outlined by the ACSEP throughout the duration of their training program. If research is conducted prior to the Registrar's selection in to the training program, this may be considered towards the research requirements of the training program. 

The ACSEP has an active Research Committee who are constantly working on up to date scientific research in the Sport and Exercise Medicine field. They are also the scientific guardians of the College and are responsible for review and endorsement of all Position Statements produced by the College as well as  scientific statements referred to the College by external stakeholders for endorsement and ultimately Board approval.