The ACSEP’s professional policies provide guidance to the College’s Fellows and Registrars on standards of SEM practice and serve other purposes that the College deems appropriate.

The professional documents are regularly reviewed and updated in accordance with changes in knowledge and practice. Any ACSEP policy is available on request. For further information, requests or feedback about the ACSEP policies, please email



P001 - Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment and Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

P002 - Grievance Policy and Procedure

P004 - Privacy Policy

P013 - Training Program Interview & Selection Policy

P015 - Code of Ethics and Professional Behaviour 

P017 - Cultural Diversity

P018 - Ethical Sponsorship, Advertising and Donations Policy

P019 - Review, Reconsideration, and Appeals

P021 - Recognition of Prior Learning

P024 - Entrance Examination Policy

P028 - Overseas Training Selection Policy

P041 - Whistleblower Policy

NOTE:  ACSEP Registrars should also refer to the specific Training Program Policies within the "Training Program Document" website