A 'retired' Fellow is a Fellow who has ceased practising all forms of clinical medicine, medico-legal work and clinical support activities and are considered non practicing by AHPRA or the MCNZ.

Fellows who fall in this category are no longer required to pay an annual membership subscription. However, to apply for retired Fellowship status, the Fellow must inform the College of their change in status by confirming their retirement and effective date in writing to the ACSEP Board of Directors indicating their change of status.

They are also required to complete the College’s Application for Retired Fellow Membership; this can be completed via the 'apply now' button below. 

In recognition of the skills and knowledge that our senior Fellows possess and to encourage continued involvement in the ACSEP community, Retired Fellows will continue to have access to the following benefits;

  • The ACSEP acknowledges the contributions that many of their retiring Fellows (including founding members) have made to the College and their profession and provides the following ongoing benefits for retired Fellows:
  • Discounted registration to ACSEP Scientific Conferences
  • Regular communications via the ACSEP newsletter to keep retired Fellows up to date.
  • Ongoing access to the ACSEP website and CPD platform if they wish to participate
  • Access to ACSEP online journals and textbooks