The ACSEP is the pre-eminent professional body representing Sport and Exercise Physicians and Sport and Exercise Medicine in Australasia. The ACSEP is dedicated to providing a robust training experience for its Registrars whilst advancing the skills of its members through evidence based practice.

Sport and Exercise Physicians are committed to excellence in the practice of medicine as it applies to all aspects of physical activity. Safe and effective sporting performance at all levels is a major focus. Alongside this is the increasing recognition of the importance of exercise in the prevention and treatment of common and often serious medical conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and many cancers.

The goal of all Sport and Exercise Physicians should be to facilitate all members of the community to enjoy exercise safely to 100 years and beyond, knowing that physical activity provides them the 'best buy' to prevent chronic disease.


  • Will continue to uphold and advance world leading training and practice in the specialty of Sport and Exercise Medicine.
  • Is perfectly positioned to lead and promote the incorporation of exercise and physical activity into the daily lives of all members of the community, whether healthy or unwell.
  • Will continue to work closely with our peak sporting bodies and teams, medical and allied health colleagues, as well as the greater community to keep us all active and healthy.  

ACSEP is a member Specialist College of the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges (CPMC) in Australia and sits on the Executive of the Council of Medical Colleges (CMC) in New Zealand. Through these councils the College is able to actively engage with other specialist medical colleges to advocate for the delivery of the highest quality of medical training and care in accordance with accepted clinical principles and to improve, protect and promote the health of our communities.