ACSEP and SMA is pleased to inform you that the MCG has a range of facilities and options for parents who are attending the 2024 SMA & ACSEP Conference. 

The MCG has a parents room on Level 1 (M Level) and changing facilities in many bathrooms. Details of the MCG's facilities for families can be found here.

Parents who need child care services at the conference should contact their preferred childcare service provider directly to make arrangements. Abracadabra Childcare Services has provided childcare services at the MCG during the Women in Sport Conference in the past and may provide their services. Your hotel concierge may also be able to recommend alternative child care services.

Please note that parents are fully responsible for reviewing the services offered and determining whether they are suitable for their child(ren). ACSEP and SMA provide no endorsement or recommendation of services, no assumption of responsibility or liability related to the services and no guarantee regarding the services. Parents accept full responsibility and risk for engaging a child care service.