ACSEP has been accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to provide a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for Medical Practitioners.


CPD Program participants applying to join the ACSEP CPD Program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Demonstrate a connection to, and on-going interest in, the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • Hold registration as a Medical Practitioner in Australia or New Zealand and be in PGY2+.

ACSEP Registrars will be automatically enrolled in the ACSEP CPD Program on attainment of Fellowship. Applicants who do not hold an ACSEP Fellowship are required to apply to the ACSEP CPD Committee for approval to join the ACSEP CPD Program. 


To apply to join the ACSEP CPD Program as a CPD Homes member, please complete the Application Form. 


Current CPD Program fees are available here

CPD Program guidelines



Online Learning:


Changes to cpd program 2024

Any upcoming changes to the ACSEP CPD Program will be announced here. 

Non-Clinical Fellows

From 2024, Fellows of the ACSEP who are no longer participating in clinical practice are now required to meet the updated AMC registration standards - this includes the completion of 50 hours of CPD requirements.

All non-clinical Fellows must now meet the following registration standards:

  • develop a written annual professional development plan
  • complete a minimum of 50 hours per year of CPD activities that are relevant to their scope of practice and individual professional development needs
  • complete the specialist high-level requirements set by ACSEP
  • allocate their minimum 50 hours per year between the following types of CPD activities:
    • at least 12.5 hours (25 per cent of the minimum) in educational activities
    • at least 25 hours (50 per cent of the minimum) in activities focused on reviewing performance and measuring outcomes, with a minimum of five hours for each category, and
    • the remaining 12.5 hours (25 per cent of the minimum), and any CPD activities over the 50-hour minimum across any of these types of CPD activity
  • self-evaluate their CPD activity at the end of the year as they prepare their professional development plan for next year
  • retain records of their annual CPD activity for audit by their CPD home and the Board for three years after the end of each one-year cycle.


relevant cpd policies

P004 Privacy Policy 

P012 Records Management Policy 

P018 Ethical Sponsorship, Advertising and Donations Policy 

P019 Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Policy 

P032 Return to Practice Policy 

P040 Remediation of CPD Program Participants Policy

P045 Conflict of Interest Policy 



For enquiries and support regarding the ACSEP CPD Program, please contact