Women in SEM Leadership Scholarship Guidelines for application July 2024

The ACSEP is committed to supporting female members of the college interested in furthering their leadership potential through the ongoing Women in SEM Leadership Scholarship.

This scholarship provides a recipient with $3000 to contribute towards further education of their choosing that is relevant to improving their leadership skills.

The recipient will be announced at the annual ACSEP scientific conference, Women in SEM event on Friday, 18 October @ 6pm, and to conference delegates to emphasise the importance of promoting women in leadership.

Eligibility Criteria

The Scholarship is available to Fellow or post first year Registrar who would benefit from further leadership education to progress their leadership potential. It is open to those at all levels of leadership from early career to experienced leaders.


  • Identifies as a female.
  • Is a financial member of the college.
  • Has ability to apply for a grant to support a course / training that commences in the year the scholarship is awarded with a focus on leadership.
  • Is able to complete the leadership education within two years.

Application process

Provide a one-page cover letter detailing how the scholarship will be used to progress leadership aspirations. Please include details of a relevant course you would like to undertake and an explanation of how this will benefit ongoing clinical practice, involvement with the ACSEP, or involvement within a sporting organisation.

Selection process

  • Applications will be open from 5pm on Tuesday 9 July 2024
  • Please submit all applications to nationaloffice@acsep.org.au by close of Business on Tuesday, 6 August 2024.
  • The recipient will be informed by 5pm on Tuesday, 13 August 2024.

Applications will be assessed by a College based selection panel consisting of a Board member and two Fellows, representing Australia and New Zealand.


As a requirement of this scholarship, the successful applicant will prepare a summary of their experience for the ACSEP and the Women in SEM working group following the completion of their course.

This can be done in a form agreed on by the recipient and the ACSEP including but not limited to: 

presentation at the college conference

a written report.

a report for the weekly college update.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact National Office at nationaloffice@acep.org.au for further information.