National Osteoarthritis Strategy

The ACSEP is proud to endorse the National Osteoarthritis Strategy (the Strategy), prepared by the National Osteoarthritis Project Group. The Strategy aims to provide a national response to osteoarthritis and to deliver major benefits to people at risk of, or with, osteoarthritis by making more effective, cost-effective and accessible healthcare solutions available to all Australians. The Strategy has been developed by the project team over 2017-2018 and further refined through public consultation. The Strategy was launched at the National Osteoarthritis Summit in Canberra in November 2018 for consultation and validation and progresses the thinking/efforts to a set of national implementation plans. 

The College is also pleased to endorse the National Strategic Action Plan for Arthritis providing an evidence-informed blueprint to guide national efforts to improve health-related quality of life for people living with arthritis, reduce the cost and prevalence of the condition, and reduce the impact on individuals, their carers and the community.


The ACSQHC knee OA Clinical Care Standard

The ACSEP is proud to endorse the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Health Care Osteoarthritis of the Knee Clinical Care Standard launched in May 2017. These guidelines will assist all health care professionals and the community navigating the best possible, evidence based management for this common condition. ACSEP will be actively involved in reviewing this living Clinical Care Standard as new relevant clinical evidence emerges.

Osteoarthritis of the Knee Clinical Care Standard
Clinician Fact Sheet
Consumer Fact Sheet


MOVE Victorian Model of Care for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis

Model of Care


The racgp Guideline for the management of knee and hip osteoarthritis

This guideline applies to all adults diagnosed with symptomatic OA of the hip and/or knee up until referral for joint replacement. While this guideline is intended primarily for use in the primary care setting by general practitioners (GPs), consideration of the relevance of this guideline was also given to other health professionals who treat people with OA, including Sport and Exercise Physicians. This is reflected in the multidisciplinary composition of the guideline development working group, including consumer representatives and Chair of the ACSEP Research Committee, Professor Kieran Fallon.