The ACSEP is proud of their role as a key partner in the development of the Concussion in Australian Sport resources, along with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia.

Concussion in Australian Sports brings together the most contemporary evidence-based information on concussion for athletes, parents, teachers, coaches and medical practitioners. It provides a valuable and trusted resource for the management of sports-related concussion for all Australians, regardless of the sport, location or level of participation.

In working together, Concussion in Sport Australia aims to:

  • Improve safety and health outcomes for all people who suffer concussive injuries while participating in sport.
  • Make effective use of funds in the financially-constrained sport and health sectors by providing best practice protocols and guidelines for all sporting and medical organisations.
  • Assist all sporting and medical organisations to align their policy and procedures with the most current evidence and expert opinion available.
  • Provide consistency of approach in the recognition and management of concussion in Australia.

The resources include the Concussion and Brain Health Position Statement 2024 (CBHPS24) which is intended to ensure that participant safety and welfare is paramount when dealing with concussion in sport.

Importantly, the updated Position Statement provides clear return to sport/learn timelines by extending the minimum stand down period for both youth (those under the age of 19 years) and community sport following an incidence of sport-related concussion. This conservative approach to concussion management requires the individual being 14 days symptom free (at rest) before returning to contact sport training, and a minimum of 21 days before returning to competitive contact.

This update provides further information on concussion management in female and para-athletes, an expansion of the role of physiotherapists in the diagnosis and management of sport-related concussion, long-term and holistic approaches to brain health, best practice management of multiple concussions, and the creation of a ‘concussion officer’ in schools and community clubs. The Position Statement will be updated routinely to ensure it remains consistent with contemporary evidence.

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The College is also proud to present a free online Concussion Module available to all.