The ACSEP Board supports Marriage Equality for all, as it is consistent with our Equality and Inclusion Statement below; and the ACSEP Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy.

The ACSEP acknowledges that discrimination, bullying and harassment can have a severe, damaging impact on mental and physical health outcomes for affected individuals, their families and communities. The ACSEP strongly endorses equality and inclusion regardless of race or ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, religion or disability in all aspects of life, in particular, education, employment, medical care, sport, relationships and marriage. 

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy

IOC Consensus Statement: Harassment and Abuse in Sport

AHRC and Sport Australia Guidelines for the Inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse People in Sport

#InclusionStartsWithI is a discussion around the importance of a positive, inclusive work environment.
This video demonstrates that bias can appear in both expected and unexpected ways—and that each of us
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