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The place of mesenchymal stem/stromal cell therapies in sport and exercise medicine

Recently published within the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM).
Position statement - Stem Cells Position BJSM
ACSEP Stem Cells Position Statement Change

Pre-participation Cardiac Evaluation In Young Athletes

The ACSEP re-affirms the well-known position that for the vast majority of young individuals – regular exercise is not only safe but should be encouraged. However, there are a small proportion of the population with pre-existing cardiac pathology where participation in competitive sport may increase their risk of a significant cardiac event. Read more by downloading the position statement below.​
Position Statement - Pre-Participation Cardiac Evaluation in Young Athletes

Sports Supplements

The position statement below is designed to provide guidelines for the appropriate use of dietary and nutritional supplements. The purpose of the statement is to ensure that the use of supplements is evidence-based and individuals are not at risk of an inadvertanent anti-doping rule violation.
Position Statement - Sports Supplements