The Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) medical support personnel anti-doping course is for medical practitioners and athlete medical support personnel. This is a mandatory CPD requirement for ACSEP Fellows and can be accessed here.

It covers:

  • The basics of anti-doping
  • The role and responsibilities of athlete support personnel
  • Common medications and treatments for athletes
  • Supplements
  • Therapeutic use exemptions. 

Drug Free Sport NZ (DFSNZ) offers a New Zealand equivalent course which can be found here. DFSNZ's mission is to work with the New Zealand sporting community to ensure New Zealand sport at all levels is clean and drug free. This is achieved by giving effect to the World Anti-Doping Code which aims to:

  • protect the rights of all athletes to participate in drug-free sport in order to promote health, fairness, and equality for New Zealand sportspeople
  • ensure harmonised, co-ordinated and effective anti-doping programmes through detection, deterrence and prevention of doping at an international and national level.