The National Osteoarthritis Strategy, prepared by the National Osteoarthritis Project Group, aims to provide a national response to osteoarthritis and to deliver major benefits to people at risk of, or with, osteoarthritis by making more effective, cost-effective and accessible healthcare solutions available to all Australians.

The Strategy identifies seven priority areas covering the whole person journey from prevention and early management to joint replacement or other surgery and rehabilitation, focusing on reducing the impact of osteoarthritis on individuals, families and the community. It is intended to provide an evidence-informed policy foundation on which practical and feasible implementation plans for osteoarthritis prevention and management are developed, and to guide government, other key stakeholders and organisations as to how existing limited healthcare resources can be better coordinated and targeted to achieve optimal outcomes for people.

The College is also pleased to endorse the National Strategic Action Plan for Arthritis providing an evidence-informed blueprint to guide national efforts to improve health-related quality of life for people living with arthritis, reduce the cost and prevalence of the condition, and reduce the impact on individuals, their carers and the community.