The Dr Ken Crichton NRL Fellowship

This perennial position is being offered to 2nd and 3rd year Registrars of the ACSEP as a joint training position between the NRL and the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP) in memory of Dr Ken Crichton; a founding member of the ACSP (now ACSEP), a well respected clinician, devoted teacher and mentor, prior Rugby League team doctor and a founding member of the NRL Medical Advisory Panel (MAP).

The position is a Part Time training post targeted at an ACSEP Registrar with a strong interest in rugby league. The Registrar should display some personal attributes that reflect Dr Ken Crichton’s principles and practice style.

This position will enable the Registrar to fulfill the supervised contact sport coverage component of the ACSEP training program. The Registrar will be assigned to a NRL club under the supervision of a club doctor (Club Chief Medical Officer) who is also a fellow of the ACSEP. This will be facilitated by a degree of supervision from the NRL Chief Medical Officer (the NRL CMO will act as an additional official supervisor).

The selection process will be within normal ACSEP criteria but the NRL (through the NRL CMO and Medical Advisory Panel) will also interview the candidates to make a final decision. The NRL clubs have been invited to apply for the Registrar position via an application form sent to all clubs. Not all clubs will be eligible as an essential criterion is that the Club CMO be a Fellow of the ACSEP.

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